“What’s changed for the better since you learned how to be a peaceful eater?”

Julie, you've totally changed my life! I am eternally grateful for you and all you've done to help me undo countless years of uncontrollable bingeing. Before working with you, my head would be in the pantry or the freezer every Friday through Sunday for as long as I can remember. 

But now, I can eat the foods I enjoy, never feel deprived and not feel compelled to overeat them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patty F.

After a life long struggle with eating disorders, I felt like I wanted to break up with food. I went from a daily struggle before I met Julie, to stopping those behaviors as soon as we started working together. 

I finally have a peaceful relationship with food. It’s great to be able to enjoy whatever I want and not feel the need to overdo or binge on it.  Thanks, Julie!

Robin C.

After a lifetime of losing and gaining weight from binge eating, I can finally say I have sobriety with food! Julie’s program has given me the support and accountability I need to feel calm around food and bounce back quickly when I slip. 

Using Julie’s “tricks to make it stick” has been the key to eating all my favorite foods and doing it in moderation so I don’t feel deprived. Thank you Julie!

Karen C.

Prior to working with Julie, I was a yo-yo dieter and tried ALL those diets out there but they never worked long term.

I’ve amazed myself that I can eat my favorite foods and lose weight but I do it calmly and in portion sizes that make me feel satisfied and not deprived or uncomfortable.  No more compulsive and impulsive eating for me!! My relationship with food has changed so dramatically and I never thought this would be possible for me.

Kelly D.

I am a different person since the day I started Julie’s program. Hers is the only program that helped me manage my binge eating. Finally my thoughts are no longer dominated by food or body weight. Her coaching sessions have been invaluable; I appreciate her support, professionalism and empathy.

David K.


I now feel a wonderful calmness and inner peace with food instead of feeling fear, anxiety, self-hatred and disappointment that plagued me for so long. Your method has taught me how to work towards my goals instead of being in a constant war against myself. Your support, kindness and expertise have helped me become a new person!

Rae B.

I called you Julie because I got to the point where I became really scared of health concerns related to my heart and diabetes. I just felt like I was always tired and didn’t want to be seen by other people and I myself dreaded looking in the mirror.

From the first day we started working together, my bingeing stopped! I still can’t believe it. Normally when I would buy a bag of my favorite candy, licorice, I would eat the whole bag in one day. Through what you taught me, I easily was able to have that bag last me almost a month! I feel freedom from the hold food has always had on me

I felt such a connection to you knowing that YOU understood how I felt. Thank you, Thank God for you.

Cindy D.

You taught me how to live in what you call the “magic zone” where there is no urge to binge eat and where there is no deprivation either. Now I get to eat what I am in the mood for without eating half the pantry.

You have been enthusiastic and supportive, and your program has allowed me to continue to lose the weight I have wanted to lose. Since the first day we met, I have not had one binge eating episode which amazes me!

Claire M.

I contacted you because I was exhausted from my crazy and constant thinking about food. Your guidance has empowered me to make much better food choices while not depriving myself and still allowing me to savor food-especially my favorites. Thank you Julie!

Brooke W.

I could no longer stand being a slave to food. My intense cravings were interfering with my daily life. Julie worked with me in a way that was so individualized, and taught me how to eat the foods I really enjoy without ever feeling deprived as I have with other programs. 

Once I began to really understand how to use the “tricks to make it stick” I immediately felt better about myself and I have learned how to eat the foods in moderation that I always used to binge on. Thanks for all your help.

Rebecca S.

Prior to working with Julie, I would eat excessively whenever I felt frustrated, sad, bored or otherwise emotional - like a whole bag or box of junk food in one sitting.

Now the same box I bought weeks ago is still there, partially eaten, but not gone. For the first time I can ever remember, I was able to eat a few Doritos and do it in front of my husband without feeling shame, embarrassment or guilt. 

I love the fact that I have the tools in place to be able to eat the foods I enjoy without feeling compelled to binge on them.

Laura K.

Before I started working with Julie food was constantly on my mind. It got to the point where I felt like I had zero control over what I was eating and nothing was helping me.

Once I began working with Julie the way I looked at food totally changed. Being in college it seemed so hard to not let my friends’ eating habits affect me, but now I feel completely confident. I finally feel in control of what goes into my body! I never thought I could be this happy about what I was eating again but Julie made it possible! Thank you so much Julie!!!

Carlin P.

Take every word for obsessed and hateful in the dictionary and that WAS my relationship with food before we worked together. My relationship with food has taken a 180 degree turn to a level I haven’t felt since I was a little girl. 

And I can’t believe it happened in less than 30 days. I love being “present” when I’m eating and being able to enjoy the same food as my family. Using your tricks to make it stick has allowed me to eat all of my favorite foods in moderation and I love that no food is off limits.

Amy C.

For 30+ years, food had been my nemesis.  It dominated my thoughts, and was going to do so for the rest of my life.

In 4 weeks, 30 years of bad habits have been turned off.  I feel great, in control and I've lost 10 pounds without any other efforts (no exercise... nothing else).  I enjoy food instead of fear it and it's a great feeling.  I thank Julie for her guidance in getting me here.

Marina S.

After suffering with binge eating disorder for 20 years where nothing I tried ever really worked, I found Julie’s program while searching online. After finishing my first month working with her I am thrilled to say I have found calmness around food that I never thought was possible for me. One of the best things is that she has taught me how to enjoy my favorite foods without feeling the need to binge on them. 

My only regret is that I didn’t find this program earlier in life. Thank you Julie for your truly incredible program.

Sara N.

Julie took me out of a vicious “dieting” cycle and moved me into a positive space where I was in-control and not afraid of food. In my first week, I dropped six pounds and I’ve continued to lose.

I’m thrilled that I am reaching my goal weight, and beyond that I’m thrilled to have transitioned from a “no, you can’t eat that,” negative diet mentality to a positive, “what choice do I want to make?” thought process. Simple but life-changing.

Adele C.

I have been dieting for the majority of my life. Throughout our work together, the bag of Cheetos that I would normally eat in one sitting became something that I could enjoy without overeating. Integrating my binge foods into my daily life in healthy, reasonable ways was truly a turning point for me. And I’m happy to be down another 8.8 lbs.

Danielle W.

I went from bingeing every single day for 20 years to having a life now where I am not obsessed with food all day long and am able to eat the foods I enjoy in moderation. 

You taught me how I never have to feel deprived and at the same time, I lost the need to binge. I am amazed that not only have I lost weight but I am so much calmer around food and I never thought I could have a life like this. 

Thank you for showing me the way, and supporting me in such a kind and nonjudgmental way. I would recommend you to anyone who is ready to stop bingeing and get their life back.

Constance R.

Just two days before I began working with you, I had eaten a whole bag of Oreo cookies in just two hours! With your program and guidance, I have stopped bingeing cold turkey!

Now I eat the foods that I want to eat and am easily able to eat them in moderation and really enjoy them. My jeans are getting looser and I’m starting to feel sexy again.

Diane H.

You have helped me tremendously with a problem/addiction I thought I could never overcome. Within 30 days of working with you, I feel like I have my life back. I feel like I am in control. What you have done for me, is nothing short of miraculous.

Vincent M.

Because of your program, I'm no longer afraid of foods that I used to be unable to control. The push/pull feeling of whether or not to eat something is completely gone. Your method has helped me change my relationship with food.

Wendy L.

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